Did you have to go to the Catholic Church to confess as a child? I remember creepy feelings: cold and dark church, moldy confessional in the far corner of the church, incomprehensible rules, unknown pastor and always X Lord’s Prayer for forgiving sins.

In class in elementary school and from my grandmother, I then learned that sinners do not go to heaven but to hell. Since of course I had to repent after every confession, my subconscious has made me a sinner and the trauma is done) -:

By precisely feeling my feelings and questioning all strange behavior, I realize today that a lot more has come of it. For example, there is the 4th commandment “You should honor your father and your mother”. Since my subconscious does not want to go to hell, it forbids me any criticism of my parents today and thus keeps me dependent on my parents.

P.S .: Thanks to my wife, I converted from the Catholic to the Evangelical Church 10 years ago and I am now getting rid of the confessional and penance.