Family Transformation

Dare to go from 'inside to outside'.
We will share our way with you, accompany you if you like to your family dreams and show you ways how relaxation can arrive with you and your family.
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Our Transformation Portfolio

Family Dreams Seminar
September 20-27, 2020 at the Familotel Ebbinghof more_vert



Speak up your dreams and live them.

In the idyllic Familotel Ebbinghof you can expect a seminar that will help you as a family to find your family dreams and start the way to move there.

Family Easiness Seminar
June 28 - July 5, 2020 at the Familotel Ebbinghof more_vert



You have never relaxed and learned at the same time.

At the idyllic Familotel Ebbinghof you can expect a seminar to help you with your family life with children (0-10 years) easier and more comfortable to live.

Family Yoga Vacation
June 21-28, 2020 and September 13-20, 2020 at the Familotel Ebbinghof more_vert



Yoga moves your body and soul.

At the idyllic Familotel Ebbinghof you can expect a family-friendly yoga vacation for you and your family.

Offerings in 2020
Overview about all our offerings in 2020 more_vert



Here you can find a list of all our offerings in 2020.

Personal Family Coaching
Appointment and coaching on request more_vert



Vacation time is the ideal time to grow in the family.

We offer to accompany you as a family on your family vacation and with small suggestions, coaching or just watching from us you get closer to your family dreams and family coolness.

Girlfriends-body-and-soul wellness weekend
Offer bookable from summer 2021 more_vert



Sometimes I wish for more than just reunion, wellness and vacation with my friends. A mixture of reunion, time for ratcheting, time for me, time for relaxation and body wellness and new impulses for my life, in order to give myself a completely refreshed and energized return to my everyday life.

Your Journey to New Work more_vert



New Work is not a method but a company & lifestyle attitude.

At our seminars and coaching sessions, we show you how to achieve fulfilling and efficient work. We strive for a coexistence between work and private life.

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Our Mindset

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Our Life Philosophy

The fundamental right to GRIEF

Sure, if someone dies you can - or you even have to grieve. This is where most people understand most easily that griefing is the emotion that enables the loved one to let go.

Transformation processes don't feel easy - or what is transformation?

Transformation happens through change in me. To start the change process, I question my beliefs. I allow something new and thus unknown to me to come in and in.

What is the difference between change management and "inside-out transformation"?

There is an outside change in a change process. This means that any processes or procedures in your life have to be changed. If e.g. If you move to work 30 minutes longer, you have to set your alarm clock 30 minutes ahead to get to work on time.


Bullying victims have doubts about their own worth and give the power to answer the question of their worth to the outside world. At the same time, there is a hunch that their worthlessness is wrong. This leads to a desperate conflict in the bullying victim, which in the worst case can lead to suicide.

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Impressions for Markus' Transformation

The confessional trauma

Did you have to go to the Catholic Church to confess as a child? I remember creepy feelings: cold and dark church, moldy confessional in the far corner of the church, incomprehensible rules, unknown pastor and always X Lord’s Prayer for forgiving sins.

The uncertainty of the mother's son

As a man, I still long for my mother’s love at the age of 39. In marriage I look for a mother substitute in my wife. In literature one speaks of a “mother son”. Grrr, doesn’t sound that great and I want to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Long-term living together requires careful observation of needs

Put a baby into the world, now that the world is upside down. What does that do to you? How can it be endured? An inspiring interview in German by Sonja from Windelei Berlin with Markus about Corona Virus, free learning and traveling.

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