We always had the experience that our path goes exactly where there seems to be no path. While keeping the supposed hopelessness and exploring its boundaries and walls, we have learned that it is possible to start with insecurity and a creative spirit of discovery and thus find new ways for us.

Familie Schmidberger

In the same way we want to start in the area of ​​individual support. Intuitively, it feels like something we want to try. In what form is still unclear. For us, the design process also includes those who want to exchange personal information with us.

Our first ideas are of very different types:

  • We are often in Berlin, Germany and in the south of Munich, Germany. So we can just imagine meeting you personally.
  • There is also the idea of ​​spending a week together on vacation.
  • Or you have a farm, for example, and invite us to come to you.

We would also like to test new ways in terms of payment. Some families have a lot of money, others have other resources (self-made, manual skills, a holiday apartment). We imagine that we can find the best solutions in individual exchange with you and you.

If you are interested, please write to us.

We respond as promptly as we can in our everyday family life, which can sometimes take several days. In the course of consciously prioritizing our attention, there are also longer offline phases.