There is an outside change in a change process. This means that any processes or procedures in your life have to be changed. If e.g. If you move to work 30 minutes longer, you have to set your alarm clock 30 minutes ahead to get to work on time.

In our inside-out transformations, we look at what we have in ourselves and what we need in ourselves to be happy and satisfied. It’s about finding the needs or feelings in us. For example, you may find yourself waking up without an alarm. In our transformation processes we look at the way to find and fulfill this need.

A big challenge is that we mostly have resistance to these inner needs. Trained by many years of adhering to processes (alarm clock 6:30 a.m.) or external social requirements, this need seems wrong to us. This has to be felt and accepted. Often the first inner need is only the outer of our “inner onion”. It may well be that there is a much larger one under the first need. Under the need to wake up without an alarm clock, e.g. there is a need for a self-determined morning. In the course of a transformation, you may set your alarm clock again 30 minutes earlier and treat yourself to a refreshing forest run to start the day.

The inner needs become challenging when we are a family or group of people or team at work. Then it helps to talk about our needs and to find a way to a happy and balanced life together.

For me, my inner needs trigger great resistance first. I usually find 2 or 3 other layers under my needs and in the end I feel much happier, more secure and above all more authentic with my new processes or approaches.