Here you will find inspiration and answers to some of your questions about our approaches, procedures and life philosophies. This is an unsorted list of many topics from our last years as a family and couple.

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The fundamental right to GRIEF

Sure, if someone dies you can - or you even have to grieve. This is where most people understand most easily that griefing is the emotion that enables the loved one to let go.

Transformation processes don't feel easy - or what is transformation?

Transformation happens through change in me. To start the change process, I question my beliefs. I allow something new and thus unknown to me to come in and in.

What is the difference between change management and "inside-out transformation"?

There is an outside change in a change process. This means that any processes or procedures in your life have to be changed. If e.g. If you move to work 30 minutes longer, you have to set your alarm clock 30 minutes ahead to get to work on time.


Bullying victims have doubts about their own worth and give the power to answer the question of their worth to the outside world. At the same time, there is a hunch that their worthlessness is wrong. This leads to a desperate conflict in the bullying victim, which in the worst case can lead to suicide.